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Armando Reyna, Head Instructor of Maxim Gym, LLC.
  • Armando Reyna (in the inside circle known as A-U) has been studying and training martial arts since 1998, and has since been assisting and training students and fighters. Martial arts have opened doors of opportunities for him in all aspects of dieting, training and sport conditioning.

    • Shorin-ryu Karate black belt • American Kickboxing instructor • Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (Bjj) Black belt: Carlson Gracie

    In 1998, using one of US Steel corp. employee assistance programs, he took advantage of studying Karate, one of the many classes being offered. It was a great way to follow up on his high school days of karate and excel further, earning in 2001 his black belt in the Shorin-ryu system. At the same time, he supplemented his training with a kickboxing class that was also being offered at the same school, where later he attained his American style kickboxing instructor certificate.

    During this time, the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu was coming on the scene with the introduction of the first UFC fight. He started studying it at a local school which was being taught by an affiliated blue belt, since there were no black belt instructors at the time. As the sport grew so did the amount of Black belt instructors. This is when he met and trained with the legendary Carlson Gracie Sr. at his sons Carlson Gracie Jr. School in Chicago IL. He attained his blue belt under Carlson Sr. and has since been associated or affiliated with his network of schools and black belt instructors. In addition, he has had the pleasure of training with or attending seminars of Helio Soneca, Ricardo Dela Riva, Rey Diogo, Cassio Cardoso, Daniel Wanderly, Jeff Neal, Gustavo Gussem, Luis "Manimal" Carlos, and Sergio Pena. His previous instructors, Miguel Torres and his school's head instructor Andre "Maneco" Leite, have awarded him brown belt in 2010. On April 2, 2013 Maxim Gym became a part of the Carlson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Federation.

    On July 26th, 2014 at Carlson Gracie Chicago HQ Belt Promotion, Armando Reyna had achieved the great honor of becoming a black belt under Carlson Gracie, Jr.